2012 – CPRCNA 26

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“A Spiritual Experience Cannot Be Bought Or Sold”

April 13-15, 2012
Ocean City, Maryland
1Welcome to NAClyde C
2-1Who Is An Addict Liz H
2-2What is the NA ProgramBetty B
3For the NewcomerPaul M
4-1Why Are We Here ?Albert E
4-2How it WorksMonica D
5-1Our SymbolWilliam F
5-2We Are A Vision of HopeUrsula H
6-1Fanning the Flame of Desire Tammy
6-2The Good We DoBernard
7-1Youth and RecoveryRasheda
7-2What Can I DoCarla M
8-1+2Regional Hospitals & InstitutionsDerrick W & Bradley S Derrick W & Bradley S
8-3Regional Hospitals & InstitutionsDerrick W & Bradley S
9-1Back to BasicsWykenna V
9-2Everybody Gets a TurnRon K
10Conference Agenda Report (CAR)Various
11-1With this Gift There’s an AssignmentBernice & Brian K
11-2+3Regardless of…Bernice & Brian K Bernice & Brian K
12-1Benefits of a Home GroupDanny G
12-2Carring the Message, Not the MessLavern R
13-1De la Desesperacion A Un DeseoMISSING *
13-2No Renovamos Espiritualmente
De Estar Vivos De Estar Vivos
14Unity God & Desire (Traditions 1, 2, 3)Justin S Lacy M
15-1Grafting a New Idea With a Closed MindMISSING *
15-2Don’t Judge Me, Love MeDenise A
16Friday Main SpeakerBob M
17-1Hugs Are For HealingEd S
17-2Gift of DesperationJoyce C
18Hurting on the Inside; Smiling on the OutsideJudith C William S
19-1Still Scheming in RecoveryKelvin S
19-2From Humiliation to HumilitySandy H
20-1Am I Accepting my Responsibility
or Blaming My Disease
Rhonda N
20-2Another LookStephanie C-B
21Being Good to Myself and OthersRichard W Nash G
22-1+2Counterfeit Series:
Honesty, Openmindedness, Willingness
Anthony W Marshall M
22-3Counterfeit Series:
Honesty, Openmindedness, Willingness
Angie K
23Sunrise Beach MeetingMike W
24We Do Recover / Living the ProgramDomenic K & Marie B
25-1Just For TodayThaddeus M
25-2Acceptance is the KeyWillie A
26The Hidden Principles (Concepts 1-6)Bernard & Karen
27Closer To God Through NAPenny S Rick S
28Building a Solid Foundation (Steps 1 2 & 3)Kirk T Joan T
29Freedom and Purpose (Traditions4 & 5)Beatrice & Ali
30-1Illness in RecoveryJeff
30-2Me, Meds, and a MeetingTawanda
31SponsorshipShellie L Jimmy Jam
32Why Is It I can Quote the Literature
So Well; But I Can’t
Apply Any of the Principles to My Life?
Joy N Carlton B
33-1Am I Too Young For NA?Lindsey G
33-2You Never Have to Use AgainJerome M
34A Sick Mind with a Co-SignerGigi Dennis L
35Looking For Love in All the Wrong PlacesDebbie S Janine A
36Money and Ego (Traditions 6 & 7)Khalil B Sasha P
37Open ShareMISSING *
38-1Little Boy Grows UpGlendora B
38-2Little Girl Grows UpSteve Batman
39History of NAChris K & Lynn Mc Chris K & Lynn Mc
40Hurt People , Hurt PeopleYvonne W & Ron E Yvonne W & Ron E
41-1Pediendo AyudaAngelo S
41-2El Primer PasoVicky M
42Dr. Jekyll and Mr. HideDwight & Belinda Dwight & Belinda
43Mid Day MeetingAnna Marie
44Surgery of the Spirit (Steps 4 & 5)Kelvin H Moniquet E
45Service is Priceless (Traditions 8& 9)Leah H & Toni M
46Unrealistic ExpectatationsEric Tawanda R
47Recovery and RelapseAntoinette B Jonathan B
48Sowing the SeedKirk R Kathy H
49Love or LustJan B & Melvin C
50Time For A Change (Steps 6 & 7)Precious D Bryan K
51In the Best Interest of NA (Traditions 10, 11 & 12)Ernestine George H
52Embracing EmpathyArthur S Becky B
53Hell Does Have an ExitAzeem F Lisa A
54-1+2Oldtimer’s MeetingLinda, Al O, Linda D & Addict Linda, Al O, Linda D & Addict
54-3+4Oldtimer’s MeetingLinda, Al O, Linda D & Addict Linda, Al O, Linda D & Addict
55A Fractured PersonalityPatricia G Reginald S
56The Inner Me is the EnemyMISSING *
57Forgiveness and Freedom (Steps 8 & 9)Kenneth S Shirley M
58-1+2The Hidden Principles (Concepts 7-12)Anthony R Anthony R
58-3The Hidden Principles (Concepts 7-12)Leon P
59-1Regional PIJames
60The Vicious CycleMaurice Monica D
61More Will Be RevealedPaulette J Mike C
62Service Work Is At Home Too!Addict & Naleen Addict & Naleen
63Maintaining Our Freedom (Steps 10, 11, & 12)Lalescia H Leon H
64Triangle of Self- ObsessionCindy Matthew
65-1El PadrinazgoMISSING *
65-2No Podemos Hacerlo SolosMISSING *
66-1Saturday Main Speaker IntroIntroduction
66-2Saturday Main SpeakerHarold P
67Killer on the LooseRaychon P Gordon R
68Hanging on to Terminal Hipness and Fatal CoolEddie J Murphy
69Ultimate WeaponHarper B Easy
70Unity Vs. PrejudiceRon G Moju A
71-1+2The Counterfeit Series: Acceptance, Surrender, FaithCynthia W Farrakan
71-3The Counterfeit Series: Acceptance, Surrender, FaithCarl
72-A Simple Honest Message of RecoveryMISSING *
73Sunrise Beach MeetingCynthia M
74A Higher Power Who CaresKeith P Holly P
75G.O.D. “Good Orderly Direction”Erin T & Warren I Erin T & Warren I
76Sunday Main SpeakerDutch H

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