RSC Contact Information    
RSC Chair Al B.
RSC Vice Chair Cheryl
RSC Secretary Vacant
RSC Vice Secretary Vacant
RSC Treasurer Cathy T.
RSC Vice Treasurer Vacant
Regional Delegate Patricia J.
Regional Delegate Alternate Robert F
Convention Host Chair Terry H.
Convention Host 1st Vice Chair Eric W.
Convention Host 2nd Vice Chair John W.
Convention Oversight Committee Chair Vacant
Convention Oversight Committee Vice Chair Alpha J,
COC At-Large Rep 1 Vacant
COC At-Large Rep 2 Bonnie C.
COC Treasurer Lisa M.
Hospitals & Institutions Chair Brian L. h&
Hospitals & Institutions Vice Chair Vacant h&
Literature Chair Vacant
Literature Vice Chair Vacant
Phoneline Chair Melanie L.
Policy Chair Frank M.
Policy Vice Chair Tony A.
Public Relations Chair Tammy G.
Public Relations Vice Chair Lauren M.
Special Events Chair Vera M.
Special Events Vice Chair Vacant
Miscellaneous Contact Info    
FSRSO Rep 1 Scott P.
FSRSO Rep 2 Vacant
CPRCNA Program Committee At-Large Rep Vacant
Website Contact Information    
Special Event Changes Group of Volunteers
Meeting List Changes Group of Volunteers
Website Changes Webservants
Our Address:  
PO Box 8160
Silver Spring, MD 20907
Phoneline: 1-800-543-4670  
Free State Region Central Atlantic Region
Baltimore & other MD Areas Richmond & other VA Areas
Helpline: 1-800-317-3222 Helpline: 1-800-777-1515
Service Center: 410-566-4022  
NA World Services  
Service Office: 818-773-9999