2011 – CPRCNA 25

CPRCNA 25, "Sharing Our Gratitude", was held April 15-17, 2011 in Ocean City, Maryland

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“Sharing Our Gratitude”

April 15-17, 2011
Ocean City, Maryland
CP11-01Who What How & WhyJames T – Washington DC
CP11-01Who What How & WhyAngie K – Washington DC
CP11-02WelcomeWilliam P – Clinton MD
CP11-03Coming to BelieveRichard M – Atlanta GA
CP11-03Coming to BelieveWillie C – Washington DC
CP11-04Over Time, Not OvernightBetty B – Washington DC
CP11-04Over Time, Not OvernightWilliam T – Washington DC
CP11-05Just for TodayJoanne D – Washington DC
CP11-05Just for TodayGary S – Washington DC
CP11-06We Challange You to ChangeVincent C – Philadelphia PA
CP11-06We Challange You to ChangeGeorge M – Rockville MD
CP11-07Oldtimer, Newcomer & SometimerCarlton S – Alexandria VA
CP11-07Oldtimer, Newcomer & SometimerHope C – E Bangor PA
CP11-07Oldtimer, Newcomer & SometimerCynthia W – Raleigh NC
CP11-08N.U.T.S. – Not Using the StepsCorey K – Washington DC
CP11-08N.U.T.S. – Not Using the StepsJames M – Washington DC
CP11-09Service, Why Me?Laurie C – White Plains MD
CP11-10A Closed Mind is a Barrier Against ChangeSusie H – Damascus MD
CP11-10A Closed Mind is a Barrier Against ChangePatryce B – Westchester NY
CP11-11Recovery is a Process, Not an EventAndre M – Washington DC
CP11-11Recovery is a Process, Not an EventFrankie B – Baltimore MD
CP11-12Hard Won ExperienceMargie M – Lorton VA
CP11-12Hard Won ExperienceVeronica E – Ft Washington MD
CP11-12Hard Won ExperienceLenny H – Alexandria VA
CP11-13Forget Coming Back, Never LeaveAngel S – Washington DC
CP11-13Forget Coming Back, Never LeaveHappy – Washington DC
CP11-14Triple Beginings: Step 1, Tradition 1, Concept 1Greg A – Washington DC
CP11-14Triple Beginings: Step 1, Tradition 1, Concept 1Dean F – Baltimore MD
CP11-14Triple Beginings: Step 1, Tradition 1, Concept 1Rosetta K – Washington DC
CP11-15Friday Main SpeakerPam R – Washington DC
CP11-16PMS: Physical, Mental & SpiritualPatricia B – Washington DC
CP11-16PMS: Physical, Mental & SpiritualFarrakhan – New York NY
CP11-17Hurt People, Hurt PeopleSherman H – Washington DC
CP11-17Hurt People, Hurt PeopleWinnie A – Philadelphia PA
CP11-17Hurt People, Hurt PeopleBryan K – Philadelphia PA
CP11-18Cluttered SpiritCheryl R – Jackson NJ
CP11-18Cluttered SpiritEric G – Washington DC
CP11-19Recovery & RelapseDorinda P – Washington DC
CP11-19Recovery & RelapseMark R – Washington DC
CP11-20Spiritual ManipulationLauchlan P – Fredericksburg VA
CP11-20Spiritual ManipulationMark T – Baltimore MD
CP11-21God’s Will, Not MineLil Sam D – Washington DC & Rob M – Washington DC
CP11-22Sharing Our Gratitude (Saturday Sunrise)Reggie H – Baltimore MD
CP11-23Recovery Comes First: Steps 1, 2, 3Michael R – Washington DC
CP11-23Growing SpirituallyShirley S – Temple Hills MD
CP11-24Our SymbolCharlie E – Washington DC
CP11-24Tradition 2andy L – Albuquerque NM
CP11-25Social Acceptability, Trapped in a Body, Surgery of the SpiritMacon W – Temple Hills MD, Patty N – Baltimore MD &Robin M – Matthews NC
CP11-26GratitudeKeith B – Silver Spring MD
CP11-26Tradition 3Agnes A – Long Beach CA
CP11-27Traditions 4, 5Greg A – Washington DC & Sheila W P – Rockville MD
CP11-28Help Me, Help Me, Help MeHanice H – Suitland MD
CP11-28Extreme MakeoverAndre T – Baltimore MD
CP11-29Loving You, Losing MeEricka A – Baltimore MD
CP11-29One Message, One DiseaseBob M – Washington DC
CP11-30RecuperamosAmanda R – Wilkes-Barre PA
CP11-30RecuperamosJose S – Harrisburg PA
CP11-31Sponsor / Sponsee BrunchBarbara S – Brick NJ & Leon H – Washington DC
CP11-32Steps 4 & 5 / Hell Has an ExitGregg M – Washington DC & Bobby-Jo G – Baltimore MD
CP11-33Give Me a Chance, PleaseRodney T – Washington DC
CP11-33Let the Newcomer LiveSheila J – Waldorf MD
CP11-34Traditions 6, 7Mark A – Virgin Islands & Brian M – Boston MA
CP11-35History of NAMike R – Easton MD
CP11-35History of NABo S – Atlanta GA
CP11-36K.I.S.SHarold P – Philadelphia PA
CP11-36No Matter WhatCharlene K – Washington DC
CP11-36Simplicity is the KeyRichard V – Williamsport PA
CP11-37Steps 6 & 7Joey T – Queens NY & Jan H – Washington DC
CP11-38Triangle of Self ObsessionCherie K – Washington DC
CP11-38Another LookJoseph B – Denver CO
CP11-39Illness in RecoveryHandsome Carl P – Washington DC
CP11-39Recovery is My ResponsibilityMark M – Washington DC
CP11-40One Addict’s Experience / Seeking God’s WillDonetta T – Washington DC & Melvin H – Washington DC
CP11-41You Never Have to Use AgainVincent B – Washington DC & Thomas P – Baltimore MD
CP11-42I Never Thought it Could Be This GoodJane R – Silver Spring MD
CP11-42Spirituality Not ReligionAnthony W – Washington DC
CP11-43We Do Recover / Self AcceptanceAnthony B – Stafford VA & Victor R – Washington DC
CP11-44Regional Public Information Jeff R – Sonoma CA
CP11-44Regional Public Information Jeff R – Sonoma CA
CP11-45SponsorshipJoy J – Montgomery Co MD
CP11-46Regional H&ISharon H – Washington DC & Jimmy C – Hartford CT
CP11-47Steps 8 & 9Darlene E – Williamsport PA
CP11-47Traditions 8, 9Carol P – Richmond VA
CP11-48Into Me I See (Intimacy) / Self Centered FearEllsworth H – Bowie MD & Vernon W – Washington DC
CP11-49Faith, Fear & DoubtEdgar P – Washington DC
CP11-49Faith, Fear & DoubtJerome E – Baltimore MD
CP11-50Steps 10, 11, 12Richard C – Washington DC
CP11-50Steps 10, 11, 12Sharon Q – Clinton MD
CP11-51Traditions 10, 11, 12Drew F – Centerville VA
CP11-51Traditions 10, 11, 12Terry C – Wilkes-Barre PA
CP11-52Un Programa, Muchos IdiomasFrancisco G – Burke VA
CP11-52Un Programa, Muchos IdiomasAlexis C – Bonao Dominican Republic
CP11-53Service Work is at Home Too / Living in the Solution / Why Me? Why Not Me?Diane G – Brooklyn NY, Gary M – Washington DC & Polo C – Patchogue NY
CP11-55The Ultimate Weapon / It’s Hip to Be SquareFrances J – Jacksonville NC & Sean C – Woodbridge NJ
CP11-56More Will Be RevealedAdrienne C – Patchogue NY
CP11-56Spirit of UnityJohnny A – Westchester NY
CP11-57Where Do We Go From Here?Ellen C – Washington DC
CP11-57Where Do We Go From Here?Keith D – Washington DC
CP11-58The Message We Carry Goes Beyond the Roomsandy J – Washington DC
CP11-58The Message We Carry Goes Beyond the RoomsImani W – Washington DC
CP11-59Someone Who Believes in Me / You Might Just Get What You Pray ForJevon H – Washington DC & Harold J – Philadelphia PA
CP11-60When I Got Clean There Was No Basic TextWillie T – Brooklyn NY
CP11-61When At the End of the RoadRandy Q – E Los Angeles CA
CP11-61The Gift of DesperationEasy – Peekskill NY
CP11-6212 Concepts of ServiceReesheemah P – Frederick MD
CP11-6212 Concepts of ServiceKaren H – Baltimore MD
CP11-63Not UniqueSheryl H – Camden NJ
CP11-63Not Unique / Learning How to Forgive MyselfSheryl H – Camden NJ & William S – Manassas VA
CP11-63Learning How to Forgive YourselfWilliam S – Manassas VA
CP11-64Saturday Main SpeakerMelvin L – Chicago IL
CP11-65Bonfire MeetingRico R – Washington DC
CP11-66Love or LustMarie W – Washington DC
CP11-66Don’t Leave 5 Minutes Before the Miracle HappensJimmy A – Dayton OH
CP11-67Relationship, Sex-ship or BattleshipRobert R – Washington DC
CP11-67Relationship, Sex-ship or BattleshipSam C – Washington DC
CP11-67Relationship, Sex-ship or BattleshipKym G – Washington DC
CP11-68Resentment: The Silent Killer Barbara S – Winchester VA
CP11-68Looking For Recovery in All the Wrong PlacesTiffany B – Philadelphia PA
CP11-69Embracing EmpathyNannette S – Greensboro NC
CP11-69Embracing EmpathyJoe S – Columbus OH
CP11-70Doing Something Different (Not Him or Her)Jan B – Washington DC
CP11-70Doing Something Different (Not Him or Her)Dyon G – Brooklyn NY
CP11-70Doing Something Different (Not Him or Her)Karl B – Dallas TX
CP11-71What Part Did You Play?James G – Washington DC
CP11-71What Part Did You Play?Wendy K – US Virgin Islands
CP11-72Sharing Our Gratitude (Sunday Sunrise)Pam R – Germantown MD
CP11-73Thank You NAMarcy B – Reston VA
CP11-73Thank You NAPaul E – Silver Spring MD
CP11-74Spiritually Refreshed & Glad to be AliveShertina M – Tri County Area MD
CP11-74Spiritually Refreshed & Glad to be AliveDawn M – New Haven CT
CP11-76Am I Too Old / Young for NA?Mike S – Silver Spring MD & Juan T – Washington DC

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