2008 CPRCNA 22

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“One Promise, Many Gifts”

April 11-13, 2008
Ocean City, Maryland
CP08-01One Promise, Many GiftsDonetta T South Potomac Md
CP08-02NA SymbolJimmy S – Bethesda Md
CP08-03Just For TodayBuggy R – Westside Area Md John F Bay Area Md
CP08-04Let Go & Let GodMark L – Central Md & Thaddeus M Washington DC
CP08-05PI / PhonelineGary Q – South Potomac area Md &
Brenda G – East of the River Area DC
CP08-06What Can I Do?Joey M-NEFA MD Alvin E-Rock Creek DC
CP08-07Newcomer Series: Listen to LearnBob M-Central Md Joann S-Cleveland OH
CP08-08We Do RecoverJulie F- Central Md Sylvester M-Washington DC
CP08-09Living the ProgramBill E-Montgomery Area MD Paul M- South Potomac MD
CP08-10A New Way of LifeLarry G-Ypsilanti MI Bakri M-Central MD
CP08-11Work the Steps or DieDennis D-NEFA MD Mike W
CP08-12If You Want What We HaveMarc S-Montgomery Md Nash G-South Potomac Md
CP08-13Recepcion al NACarlos V-Rock Creek Area DC Mitch T-Rock Creek Area DC
CP08-14Triangle of Self ObsessionBernadette S-Baltimore MD Walston B_Central Md
CP08-15It Wasn’t the Last OneShertina M-Tri-County MD Joe B-East of the River DC
CP08-16Importance of a Home GroupLeah H-Rock Creek DC Fred S-Montgomery Area Md
CP08-17NA HistoryKermit O-Charlottesville VA
CP08-18Life on Life’s TermsPreccious W-Washington DC Bobbi I-Bay Area MD
CP08-19Newcomer Series: Take the Cotton Out of Your EarsClarissa W-South Potomac Area MD Anthony W-Washington DC
CP08-20Who, What, Why & HowUrsula H-Tri-County Area MD John K-Tri-State Region PA
CP08-21Spiritual, Not ReligiousJimmy R-NEFA MD King M-East of the River Area DC
CP08-22Happy, Joyous & FreeCharles B-Mississippi Delta Area Myra P-Central MD Area MD
CP08-23Self-AcceptanceMarc D-Central MD Area MD David C-Montgomery Area MD
CP08-24Friday Night Main SpeakerBryan K-Tri-County Area MD
CP08-25Newcomer Series: Getting ConnectedDean F-Laurel MD Roger T-Bay Area MD
CP08-26Sick & Tired of Being Sick & TiredMilton R-East of the River Area DC Jenn T-Susquehanna Area
CP08-27Can’t Fix a Spiritual Problem with a Physical SolutionArtie E-Baltimore MD Jenifer B-Montgomery Area MD
CP08-28Sick as Your SecretsKaye W-Tunxis Valley CT Ed P-Newport News VA
CP08-29Relapse, Recovery, Relapse, RecoveryTim B-Cincinnati OH Billy E-Washington DC
CP08-30Service Work is at Home, TooBill G-Central MD Area MD Cornell P-Tri-County Area MD
CP08-31One Is Too ManyWendy K-US Virgin Islands Cedric K-Washington DC
CP08-32Candlelight MeetingJanice B-East of the River Area DC
CP08-33Saturday Sunrise MeetingFlemie J-Central MD Area MD
CP08-34Steps 1, 2, 3Roy S-Bay Area MD Leon H-Washington DC
CP08-35Anonymity: Traditions 1 & 12Tonya A-NY Larry M-South Potomac Area MD
CP08-36More Will Be RevealedCindy K-Baltimore MD Judith C-Gaithersburg MD
CP08-37NA: Not My Whole Life, But Its Made My Life WholeKim C-Ft Meade MD Sistah Gloria J Washington DC
CP08-38Steps 4 & 5Betty H-Central MD Area MD William P-Washington DC
CP08-39Una Promesa, Muchos RegalosMitch T-Montgomery Area MD Angelos S-Baltimore MD
CP08-40If You Don’t Pick Up, You Won’t Get HighDonny S-Montgomery Area MD Jim R Central MD Area MD
CP08-41Discretion: Traditions 2 & 9Jenien B-Rochester NY Mike R-Easton MD
CP08-42Maximum Service to the Suffering Addict: Traditions 5 & 11George H-Catonsville MD Moji A-Washington DC
CP08-43The Newcomer is the Most Important PersonEd F-Middlesex NJ Azzam-Brooklyn NY
CP08-44More God Cenetered, Less Self CenteredAmy S-Bay Area MD Pat D-NEFA MD
CP08-45This Ain’t No Rehab: Tradition 6Rosetta K-Washington DC Robert F-Silver Spring MD
CP08-46Female SponsorshipNikki D-Central MD Area MD,Joyce D-Central MD Area MD,
and Pauline J-Central MD Area MD
CP08-47Male SponsorshipRon D-Glen Burnie MD Mike P-South Potomac M
CP08-48Humility: Traditions 3 & 8Larry W Freestate Region Beth C-Montgomery Area MD
CP08-49Steps 6 & 7 Debbie W-Rocky Mount NC Dave M-Baltimore MD
CP08-50Newcomer Series: People Places & ThingsVictor J-Atlanta GA Denny G-Westside Area MD
CP08-51Looking For Love in All the Wrong PlacesTricia C-Pure&Simple Area Darrell L-New Hope Area
CP08-52Illness in RecoveryFrank M-Montgomery Area MD Mary C Montgomery Area MD
CP08-53RelationshipsAlan F-Delco PA Kathy F Delco PA
CP08-54Steps 8 & 9Debbie P-Washington DC Jeff G-Washington DC
CP08-55Loving you, Losing MeTracie F-NJ Wanda McD-TN
CP08-56Parenting In RecoveryMary T-Bay Area MD Ben C-Montgomery Area MD
CP08-57H & IJohn W-Central MD Area MD Jody J-South Potomac Area MD
CP08-58Anyone May Join Us, RegardlessDarrell T-Boston MA Eddie G
CP08-59Came Here Young, Came to StayMarie B-East of the River DC Jesse W-Central MD Area MD
CP08-60Responsibility: Traditions 4, 7 & 10Janet G-Northwest Area MD Allen J-Norvana Area VA
CP08-61For Those in TreatmentMelvyn W-Central MD Area MD Reggie H-Baltimore
CP08-62Newcomer Series: 90 Meetings in 90 DaysMonte C-Almost Heaven Area WV Frances K-Central MD Area MD
CP08-63Learning to Forgive YourselfBrie S Bethesda MD
CP08-63Learning to Forgive YourselfAnthony W-Washington DC
CP08-64Saturday Main SpeakerRonnie G-San Diego CA
CP08-65Bonfire MeetingJohn M-Tri-County Area MD
CP08-66Solo Por HoyAbraham S-Columbia MD
CP08-67One Disease, Many FacesKim L-NEFA MD Todd S-Montgomery Area MD
CP08-68Step 10Ted L-Outer Banks NC Diana D-Susquehanna Area MD
CP08-69Newcomer Series: Don’t Leave 5 Minutes Before the MiracleGerard A-Washington DC Farrakhan-NY
CP08-70Resentment, the Silent KillerEric J-Washington DC Michael M-Tucson AZ
CP08-71NA Dances Don’t Equal RecoveryJeff W-NY Faith- J-Raleigh NC
CP08-73Gratitude Is An Action WordDelphine G&Eric G-Washington DC One Step at a Time Homegroup
CP08-74Steps 11 & 12Louise M-Tri-County Area MD
CP08-75Sunday Closing SpeakerBrenda B-Seattle WA

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