2007 – CPRCNA 21

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“Miracle in the Mirror”

April 13-17, 2007
Ocean City, Maryland

CP07-01The NA SymbolMark I – South Central Indiana Area & Jimi S – Montgomery Area MD
CP07-02Who is an Addict?Donna B – Washington DC & Roger H – Syracuse NY
CP07-03Recovery or Just Abstaining?Derrick T – Washington DC & Tim R – Cincinnati OH
CP07-04Practicing Principles in All Our AffairsKymberly G – Washington DC & John C – NJ
CP07-05The Real Hit is RecoveryGerard A – Washington DC & Walston B – Central MD Area
CP07-06Our Public Image, Everyone’s ResponsibilityJames W – Tampa FL & Antoine J – S Jersey Area
CP07-07One is Too ManyArtis W – Washington DC & Nate J – S. Potomac Area
CP07-08Substituting One Addiction for AnotherUlysses R – Montgomery Area MD & Vincent C – Philadelphia PA
CP07-09More God Centered, Less Self CenteredYvette W – North Dade Area FL & John C – Central MD Area
CP07-10The NA Phone LineDonnell B – Washington DC, Om S – Rock Creek MD
& Fenifer B – Montgomery Area
CP07-11Our Diversity is Our Strength (Spanish)Pedro R – Baltimore MD & Angel M – Delmarva Area
CP07-12A Cluttered SpiritJudith C – Gaithersburg MD & Shep II – Bronx NY
CP07-13What Integrity Means to MeLeah H – Rock Creek Area MD & Tony D – Washington DC
CP07-14Sick & Tired of Being Sick & TiredAJ – Washington DC & Corine S – Washington DC
CP07-15Miracle in the MirrorCliff D- Washington DC & Smokey G- Atlanta GA
CP07-16Why Are We Here?Nanette S- Greensboro NC & Mark J- Hartford CT
CP07-17A God of Your UnderstandingKaren H- Baltimore MD & Kenny S- Sterling VA
CP07-18History of NAFrank D – Baltimore MD
CP07-19H&I- Reaching Out When I Don’t Want ToWykenna V- Upper Marlboro MD & Tim G- Laurel MD
CP07-20Looking For Love in All the Wrong PlacesLou- Washington DC & Valerie W- Miami FL
CP07-21Surrendering to WinLiz H- Woodbridge VA & Tom P- Alexandria VA
CP07-22An Attitude of GratitudeAnthony R- New Castle DE & Chuck D- Dayton oH
CP07-23Service Work is at Home TooPaul E- Washington DC & Janet N- Miami FL
CP07-24Friday Opening SpeakerFrances W- Washington DC
CP07-25Will the Real Me Please Stand UpCrystal J- Bronx NY & Frank K- Baltimore MD
CP07-26Freedom Isn’t FreeTonya H- Wilmington DE & David G- Lindenwold NJ
CP07-27Joy & PainElecsta D- Baltimore MD & Melvin L- Chicago IL
CP07-28Spirituality Requires ActionRichie R- Baltimore MD & Ulysses K- Bronx NY
CP07-29Counterfeit Series: Honesty, Open-mindedness & Willingness Pt 1
Counterfeit Series: Honesty, Open-mindedness & Willingness Pt 2
Matthew W- Philadelphia PA, Bonnie G- Wilmington DE
& Lisa A- Philadelphia PA
CP07-30Letting Go of the FantasyDuane W – Fort Washington MD
CP07-31Surviving My EmotionsJeff G – Washington DC
CP07-32When at the End of the RoadColin D- Montgomery County MD
CP07-33Will the Real Me Stand UpBeverly- Washington DC
CP07-34Dr. Jeckyll & Mr. HydeLil Sam- Washington DC
CP07-35The Lie Is DeadDave B – Manassas VA
CP07-36Saturday Sunrise MeetingGreg A- Washington DC
CP07-37Peace in the Midst of the StormKay S- Silver Spring MD & Anthony B- Stafford VA
CP07-38Coping With Other Illnesses in RecoveryRichardean- Washington DC & Harold H- Alexandria VA
CP07-39Steps 1, 2, 3Gary S- Washington DC & Pat R- Virginia
CP07-40The Lie is Dead, We Do RecoverLavoris- Ft Lauderdale FL & Anthony P- Atlanta GA
CP07-41Expectations – A Resentment Waiting to HappenJeffery B- Tri County MD & Tracye W- Washington DC
CP07-42Traditions 1, 2, 3Karen C- Washington DC & Dave D- Forrestville MD
CP07-43Traditions 4, 5, 6Sidney T – Chester PA & Delphine G – Washington DC
CP07-44The Joy is in the JourneyLarry T- Baltimore MD & Eric G- Washington DC
CP07-45Traditions 7, 8, 9Mark M- Manasses VA & Artie E- Baltimore MD
CP07-46Sponsorship – The Heartbeat of the NA ProgramRon H- Chesapeake VA & Genia D- Montgomery MD
CP07-47Humility Expressed by AnonymityTony K- New York NY & Willie T- Brooklyn NY
CP07-48Fear vs FaithGreg A- Washington DC & Sis Gloria- Washington DC
CP07-49In Service, Why Me?Ron W – Arlington VA & Lee Y – Washington DC
CP07-50Our Message is HopeCarol P- Richmond VA & Paul M0 Maryland
CP07-51Change We Must or Die We WillWesley S – Baltimore MD & Dennis L – Chicago IL
CP07-52The Unknown Principles- 12 ConceptsAllen J- Sterling VA
CP07-53Traditions 10, 11, 12Jonathan B- Washington DC & Kalil Bey- Washington DC
CP07-54The Therapeutic Value of One Addict Helping AnotherAngel S- Washington DC & Frank J- Washington DC
CP07-55Living Life on Life’s TermsWaleed- Washington DC & Farrakhan- Fort Lee NJ
CP07-56Self AcceptanceGary V- Washington DC & Donnetta T- South Potomac MD
CP07-57Love or LustDaniel W- Washington DC & Tex W- New York NY
CP07-58Surviving My EmotionsPatty M- Suitland MD & Chris W- Washington DC
CP07-59Steps 4 & 5Victor J – Atlanta Ga & Vickie D – Washington DC
CP07-60Secrets Can Be ReservationsThomas P- Baltimore MD
CP07-61Does My Inside Reflect My Outside?Zakia R- Philadelphia PA & John K- New York
CP07-62Spiritual, Not ReligiousValencia- Washington DC & Mike T- Washington DC
CP07-63Steps 6 & 7Denise R B- Clinton MD & Jackie B- Tri-County Area MD
CP07-64Pain is Inevitable, but Suffering is OptionalToni S- Atlanta GA & Denise M- Miami FL
CP07-65Parenting in RecoveryTracie F- Glen Burnie MD & Crawford B- Reading PA
CP07-66Freedom From BondageTima J- Central MD & Saladin J- Washington DC
CP07-67Resentment- The Silent KillerScott H- New York & Lynne P- Washington DC
CP07-68Steps 8 & 9Thaddeus M- Washington DC
CP07-69Triangle of Self ObsessionHolly B- Cleveland OH & George J- Pittsburg PA
CP07-70When At the End of the Road (SPANISH)Carlos V- Greenbelt MD & Mitch T0- Gaithersburg MD
CP07-71From Desperation to RestorationRoger C- Philadelphia PA & Sylvia G- Washington DC
CP07-72Let the Newcomer LiveMonique M- Washington DC & Mike C- Baltimore MD
CP07-73Saturday Main SpeakerAndre F- Nashville TN
CP07-74Steps 10, 11, 12Bobby Joe G – Baltimore MD & Pam R – Washington DC
CP07-75Loving You, Losing MePatricia G – Washington DC & Easy – New York NY
CP07-76Who Am I When Nobody’s LookingTammy CC – Wilmington DE & William S – Manassas VA
CP07-77Counterfeit Series: Acceptance, Surrender & Faith Pt 1
Counterfeit Series: Acceptance, Surrender & Faith Pt 2
Mr. Melvin C- Manhattan NY, Abdul Ghani- Bronx NY
& Bryan K- Philadelphia PA
CP07-78Trapped in a Body Where My Mind Don’t Give a DamnRob Y – New Jersey
CP07-79The Promise is FreedomDonnie M- Wilmington DE
CP07-80What Color is Clean?Sherman H- Washington DC
CP07-81Riding Out the StormMelvin P- Washington DC
CP07-82Hurting on the Inside, Smiling on the OutsideJan B- South Potomac MD
CP07-84Sunday Sunrise MeetingPorcia A- Washington DC
CP07-85There is an Assignment Attached to this GiftWendell E- Nucks County PA & Sharon J- Pittsburg PA
CP07-86The Language of EmpathyShirley T- Washington DC & Cornelius J- Washington DC
CP07-87SerenityDeanne F- Annapolis MD & Kevin H- Ft Washington MD
CP07-88Sunday Closing SpeakerJimmy T – Carteret NJ

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