2005 – CPRCNA 19

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“Dreams do come true! … “

April 15-17, 2005
Ocean City, Maryland
CP05-01Our Message Is HopeJackie F & Frankie K – Baltimore MD
CP05-02-1Why Are We Here?Lisa – South Potomac
CP05-02-2Why Are We Here?Chris
CP05-03-1Steps 1, 2, 3Tracy Las Vegas
CP05-03-2Steps 1, 2, 3Jackie East of the River
CP05-04Triangle of Self ObsessionKurt R. & Dennis L.
CP05-05What is the NA Program?Walt Z. Pbgh & Robert F Silver Spring
CP05-06Spiritual, Not ReligiousCarol & Ernestine
CP05-07-1When the Disease is RagingBrenda W.
CP05-07-2When the Disease is RagingReesheemah
CP05-08Ultimate WeaponJanice – South Potomac & Louise C. – Pbgh
CP05-09Letting the Newcomer LiveChristine & Walston
CP05-10-1Indifference & IntoleranceRhoda
CP05-10-2Indifference & IntoleranceRoberta
CP05-11Traditions 1, 2, 3Lynette – DC & Alonzo L.
CP05-12-1The Therapeutic Value of One Addict Helping Another Ulysses
CP05-12-2The Therapeutic Value of One Addict Helping Another Charles N.
CP05-13Am I Recovering or Just Staying Clean?Leah H. & Dwayne
CP05-14Learning to ListenShirley & Art R
CP05-15You Can’t Heal What You Can’t FeelWill & Gordon J.
CP05-16-1Spiritual ManipulationSharon
CP05-16-2Spiritual ManipulationJoe
CP05-17Solo Por HoyMarcie & Sandra
CP05-18-1Slowly Committing SuicideJoanna J.
CP05-18-2Slowly Committing SuicideKing
CP05-19Traditions 4, 5, 6Allen J.- Norvana & Anthony W-DC Area
CP05-20H&I / PI
CP05-21The Promise is FreedomKevin H.
CP05-22Steps 4, 5, 6Greg A. & Wesley S. Baltimore
CP05-23Friday Main SpeakerWilliam P. – Washington DC
CP05-24Is It Love or Desperation?Jeff W & Brenda
CP05-25GratitudePatricia J (Montgomery Area) & Avis T (Dc Area)
CP05-26-1Who is an Addict?Sharon Rock Creek Area
CP05-26-2Who is an Addict?Delphine D.
CP05-27-1The Newcomer: I Need to ShareElaine H.
CP05-27-2The Newcomer: I Need to ShareBradley
CP05-28Unrealistic ExpectationsMyra W. Washington DC & Bob J. Pittsburgh PA
CP05-29HumilityEllen & Mark J.
CP05-30Complacency is the Silent KillerWilliam S. Virginia & Jackie E. Pittsburgh PA
CP05-31Saturday Sunrise MeetingPaul
CP05-32-1What is a Clear NA Message?Andre Washington DC
CP05-32-2What is a Clear NA Message?Leon
CP05-33Just For Today, Living the ProgramMelissa W., RJ N. & Open Podium
CP05-34Our Primary PurposeJoyce C. & Mike P.
CP05-35The 12 ConceptsJimmy S. Montgomery County & Chas N. Philadelphia PA
CP05-36-1IsolationJeff R.
CP05-37NA History Dean
CP05-38-1Growth Through the PainHydea
CP05-38-2Growth Through the PainSylvester M.
CP05-39DiversityJamilah M. South Potomac & John Montgomery Area
CP05-40Who Am I When No One Is Looking?John C. South Florida & John D. Washington DC
CP05-41H.A.L.T.Girard Washington DC & Will G. Fort Lauderdale FL
CP05-42Abstinence Does Not Equal RecoveryKevin I. Baltimore MD & Anthony A. NY NY
CP05-43Shame & Guilt: the Morning AfterPatricia Washington DC & Pam L.
CP05-44-1Effects of the DefectsShirley H.
CP05-44-2Effects of the DefectsSheila B.
CP05-45Steps 7, 8, 9Beverly R. & Elessa
CP05-46Amor O LujuriaEspanol
CP05-47The Mask Must GoFrank H. & Marvin M.
CP05-48Recovery & RelapseTommy K. Washington DC & Charles H. Baltimore MD
CP05-49NA is Not My Whole Life, But It Made My Life WholeJeff H. & Ron G. Washington DC
CP05-50-1Youth in RecoverySam T. Washington DC
CP05-50-2Youth in RecoveryFrances J.
CP05-51Staying in the Relationship Past the Expiration DateFrances W. Washington DC & Teddy A. Washington DC
CP05-52-1Illness in RecoveryTracey Baltimore MD
CP05-52-2Illness in RecoveryPauline J.
CP05-53Traditions 7, 8, 9Charles W. & Jeffrey B. South Potomac
CP05-54-1Staying Clean, Living DirtyLarry Baltimore MD
CP05-54-2Staying Clean, Living DirtyRon D.
CP05-55A God of My UnderstandingCindy C. Washington DC & Linda D. Washington DC
CP05-56-2SponsorshipJohn M. Tri-County Area
CP05-57A New Way of LifeGena D. & Alfred J.
CP05-58Paying a High Price for a Low LifeBrenda J. Central MD & Eddie J. Baltimore MD
CP05-59Regardless of Age, Sex, Religion or Lack of ReligionStan B. DC Area & Delise H. DC Area
CP05-60Grief in RecoveryJeannie G. DC Area & Janet A. West Chester NY
CP05-61A Network, Posse or MobClarrisa W. & Crystal W.
CP05-62-1Traditions 10, 11, 12Bunny R.
CP05-62-2Traditions 10, 11, 12Fred
CP05-63Similarades vs DifferenciasEspanol
CP05-64-1UnmanagableAnthony B.
CP05-64-2UnmanagableJoan T.
CP05-65Life on Life’s TermsCharlene K. & Vincent C.
CP05-66Saturday Main SpeakerBryan K. – Philadelphia PA
CP05-67Bonfire MeetingDonnell B. & Open Podium
CP05-68-1When at the End of the RoadRobert
CP05-68-2When at the End of the RoadPhil C. Philadelphia Area
CP05-69Self DeceptionCynthia M. & Donald W. DC Area
CP05-70Intimacy in RecoveryCathy & Tim B. Cinncinati OH
CP05-71Steps 10, 11, 12Jackie B. & Wayne B.
CP05-72Feeling Lonely in RecoveryGail Washington DC, Maria & Open Podium
CP05-73-1What Part did I Play?Barbara M.
CP05-73-2What Part did I Play?Nicki
CP05-74Staying Clean in the StormJimmy W – Philadelphia PA & Butch
CP05-75-2CourageAnthony W. Washington DC
CP05-76Sleeping with the EnemyDale and Dena M. DC Area
CP05-77Sunday Sunrise MeetingRaleigh B. Washington DC
CP05-78Rationalizing Bad DecisionsEric Washington DC and Amy
CP05-79-1Recovery is an Inside JobBrosha J. Maryland
CP05-79-2Recovery is an Inside JobCourtney S.
CP05-80If Nothing Changes, Nothing ChangesAllison & Judith
CP05-81Sunday Spiritual SpeakerBenji W – Detroit MI

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