2004 – CPRCNA 18

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Lost Dreams Awaken

April 2004
Ocean City, Maryland
it works
CP04-01A New Way of LifeJudith C (Gaithersburg MD & Dennis L (Washington DC)
CP04-02What Can I do?Steve O (VA) & Allen J (Northern VA)
CP04-03Just For TodayClara M (Washington DC) & Carol M (Rock Creek MD)
CP04-04Going To Any LengthsRita L (NORVANA) & Doug K (Montgomery Co MD)
CP04-05Living PrinciplesJoey T (Queens NY) & Chris W (Washington DC)
CP04-06It Works How & WhyPete G (Washington DC) & Honey W (Washington DC)
CP04-07Never AlonePam R (South Potomac) & Anders S (Malmo Sweden)
CP04-08Personal AnonymityJodi A (Waldord MD) & Wayne U (Norvana VA)
CP04-09Step OneMike D (South Potomac) & Dave K (Montgomery Co MD)
CP04-10Serve Yourself CleanKip W (Battlefield) & Kathe M (Washington DC)
CP04-12Step TwoPam H (Montgomery Co MD) & Lisa Y (Rock Creek MD)
CP04-13Accepting GuidanceBernard N (Washington DC) & Eileen K (Silver Spring MD)
CP04-14Finding BalanceShirley T (Washington DC) & Julie F (Central MD)
CP04-15Friday Opening SpeakerRobert X (Tri County Area)
CP04-16Responsibility First Things FirstSandra H (Washington DC) & Kevin I (Baltimore MD)
CP04-17Step ThreeTrey W (Washington DC) & Valencia H (Washington DC)
CP04-18From Prejudice To UnityRonnie S (Washington DC)
CP04-19Overcoming PerfectionJean E (Central MD) & Joe S (Central MD)
CP04-20IntegrityLeo S (Glen Burnie MD) & Fred S (Washington DC)
CP04-21Emergency Room RecoveryPatricia J (Montgomery Co MD) & Eric J (Washington DC)
CP04-22Humility Through AnonymityScott P (Central MD) & Joel M (Norvana)
CP04-23Saturday Sunrise MeetingZavia B (East Of the River) & Richardean F (DC Area)
CP04-24FaithTrayce W (Washington DC) & Mike T (Washington DC)
CP04-25Primary PurposeWilliam T (Washington DC) & Doug F (Montgomery Co MD)
CP04-26Our SymbolEric P (Washington DC) & Scot G (Central MD)
CP04-27Grief in RecoveryPatrick McC (Tri County Area) & Morris C (Central MD)
CP04-28Sponsor – Sponsee WorkshopPati P (Southern MD)& Jenni G (Rock Creek MD)
CP04-29Our BoundariesJimi S (Bethesda MD) & Bonny R (Gaithersburg MD)
CP04-30Step FourLeah H (Washington DC) & Tim B (Cincinnati OH)
CP04-31Solo Por HoyMitch T (Gaithersburg MD) & Russell S (Washington DC)
CP04-32Control IssuesTeresa F (Newport News VA) & Kim G (Washington DC)
CP04-33That’s A Lot of ConceptsCindi M (Tri State) & Steve M (NEFA)
CP04-34Share Your SecretsBrian P (Southern MD) & George C (Central MD)
CP04-35Having Hope – Drug FreeKim S (Lexington Park MD) & John S (Richmond VA)
CP04-36Step FivePatricia H (Washington DC) & Thaddeus M (Washington DC)
CP04-37Basic TextBrian P (Olney MD) & Carmen S (Kensington MD)
CP04-38For the NewcomerTim G (Central MD) & Shirley W (Tri County)
CP04-39Building Relationships (Pt 1)Darrel M (San Diego CA) & Genia (Greenbelt MD)
CP04-39ABuilding Relationships (Pt 2)Amy B (Baltimore MD) & Wayne B (Baltimore MD)
CP04-40Considering Consequences of Our ActionsRob R (Washington DC) & Paul C (Fort Worth TX)
CP04-41Step SixRobert F (Silver Spring MD) & Jim G (Silver Spring MD)
CP04-42Viva el ProgramaTito P (Washington DC) & Fernando T (Arlington VA)
CP04-43No Drug of ChoiceNo Drug of Choice – Shelia W (Montgomery Co MD) & Jeff G (Washington DC)
CP04-44NA History_RegionalNA History_Regional – Louis P (Baltimore MD) & John M (Southern MD)
CP04-45Global RecoveryGlobal Recovery – Gene J (Icana WI) & Stan R (C&P)
CP04-46Parenting in RecoverySheila B (Philadelphia PA) & Kandi H (Central MD
CP04-47Freedom to Recover Kurt R (Central MD) & Nash G (S. Potomac)
CP04-48Step SevenPaul E (Rock Creek MD) & Sharon H (Baltimore MD)
CP04-49H & I WorkshopJohn C (Gaithersburg MD) & Cassie W (Washington DC)
CP04-50We Don’t Talk About THAT HereDawn B (Washington DC) & Charles W (Washington DC)
CP04-51Group Consciend Through a Higher Power Jimmy A (Dayton OH) & Vincent C (Rockville MD)
CP04-52Step EightFrank K (Baltimore MD) & Kirk R (Dayton OH)
CP04-53PI WorkshopTim R (Morrisville PA) & Jim S (Alexandria VA)
CP04-54Principles Before PersonalitiesLiz M (Baltimore MD) & Mike R (Easton MD)
CP04-55Unity Through SpiritualityCarol Lee K, Mike S & Rich L
CP04-56Step Working GuidePauline S (Greenbelt MD) & Raymond D (Philadelphia PA)
CP04-57Leading By ExampleBill P (We Area) & Alvine E (Rock Creek MD)
CP04-58Step NineJason B (Montgomery Co MD) & Walston B (Central MD)
CP04-59Saturday Banquet SpeakerKim N (San Diego CA)
CP04-60Saturday Bonfire MeetingAnne H (Montgomery Co MD) & Louise C (Pittsburgh PA)
CP04-61Relapse, Not NecessaryDee H (Southern MD) & Reesheemah P (Frederick MD)
CP04-62Step TenCassandra H (Washington DC) & Jamilah M (S Potomac MD)
CP04-63Dependence on a Loving GodAnthony W (Washington DC) & Joe S (Albany NY)
CP04-64Recovery.comAl H (NEFA) & Chris K (Rock Creek MD)
CP04-65GratitudeBarbara B (Montgomery Co MD) & Denise B (Washington DC)
CP04-66Step ElevenChuck H (Central MD) & Delphine D (Washington DC)
CP04-67Unity Through ServiceSara C (Burtonsville MD) & Jay S (Silver Spring MD)
CP04-68For the Young or Young at HeartMinda C (Montgomery Co MD) & Michael S (St Marys MD)
CP04-69Sunday Sunrise MeetingWillie A (Pittsburgh PA) & Gloria S (Central MD)
CP04-70Higher PoweredHelen B (Washington DC) & Dianna H (Washington DC)
CP04-71Step TwelveBetty H (Prince George Co MD) & Marsha W (Prince George Co MD)
CP04-72Strength Through AdversityJoyce B (Washington DC) & John C (Bowie MD)
CP04-73Sunday Spiritual SpeakerKathy H (Pittsburgh PA)

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