2002 – CPRCNA 16

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“An Awakening of the Sprirt”

April 12-14, 2002
Ocean City, Maryland
CP02-01The Addict Who Still SuffersAndre S and Richie S
CP02-02AcceptanceBeverly S and John S
CP02-03Atmosphere of RecoveryPete G and Jonathan B
CP02-04Attraction or PromotionDebbie J and Shirley T
CP02-05Autonomy – A Two Edged SwordReggie H and Jeff B
CP02-06Carrying the MessagePatricia A and John M
CP02-07CommunityRandy K and Mike M
CP02-08Courage to ChangeClarissa W and Dawn Z
CP02-09Directly Responsible ToAllen J and Mike H
CP02-10Face Your Fears, Live Your DreamsEtti D
CP02-11F.I.N.E.Sandra K and Courtney S
CP02-12For Us, By UsWilliam V and Barbara B
CP02-13ForgivenessJoanna and Mike
CP02-14From Prejudice to UnityKandi H and Vernon P
CP02-15Fully Self SupportingSean C and Bruce H
CP02-16God Is My Best FriendParis G and Bernadine A
CP02-17God, Our Ultimate AuthorityBonnie B and Cyndi R-W
CP02-18Grief in RecoveryStefanie S and Anthony W
CP02-19H & ISteve G and Jane R
CP02-20History of NAFawn F and Terry R
CP02-21Home GroupGenia B and Brian P
CP02-22HopeDenise and Preston M
CP02-23H.O.W.Eric J and Peggy D
CP02-24How To Be A SponsorRalph N and Harold J
CP02-25HumilityArt W and Rusty F
CP02-26Illness in RecoveryFilis P and Dwight S
CP02-27Just For TodayBill E and Joe P
CP02-28Letting Go of ReservationsJim G and Walt B
CP02-29Living SpirituallyJudith C and Joe
CP02-30Love Vs LustJohn M and Karen H
CP02-31Making Healthy ChoicesRobin W and Cheryl H
CP02-32More Will Be RevealedSusie H and Chris W
CP02-33No Opinion on Outside IssuesStan R and Johnny O
CP02-34One Disease, Many FacesChristina T and Greg A
CP02-35The Only RequirementShawn E and Mike C
CP02-36Overcoming Old BehaviorsDave S and Dolores B
CP02-37Our Common WelfareLeo F and Scott P
CP02-38PatienceBruce H and Phil O
CP02-39(Personal) ReponsibilityJerry J and Kathy P
CP02-40PI: A Resource in the CommunityTheresa
CP02-41PrayerHoward T
CP02-42Recovery and RelapseRichy C and Carol M
CP02-44RelationshipsBobby P and Teresa F
CP02-45Self AcceptancePauline S and Bryan K
CP02-46ResentmentsJohn S and Wendy O
CP02-47Self Loathing To Self LoveMorris C and William S
CP02-48Service WorkMarsha F and Ulysses R
CP02-49Social AcceptabilityAl H and Gerard A
CP02-50Spiritual Not ReligiousStuart B and Vincent C
CP02-51A Spiritual SolutionMichael W and Ray C
CP02-52SponsorshipKevin M and Betty H
CP02-53The Spiritual FoundationLinda B and Jamie K
CP02-54SurrenderMinda L and Furte A
CP02-55ToleranceMonique and Tina
CP02-56Triangle of Self ObsessionTom O and Thaddeus
CP02-57Why Are We Here?Charlene and Tyrone
CP02-58Youth In RecoveryJen N and April H
CP02-59H e I (Spanish)Fernando D and Roberto J
CP02-60Mi Sexualidad Y MiRoberto J and Samir J
CP02-61Otra OportunidadMitch T
CP02-62Para El NuevoRussel R and Fernando R
CP02-63Step 1Ben C and Clara M
CP02-64Step 2Adelita J and James B
CP02-65Step 3Susan B and Ed T
CP02-66Step 4Ron F and Dwight W
CP02-67Step 5Peggy R and Khalil Q
CP02-68Step 6Beth C and Karen S
CP02-69Step 7R_ Mac and Steve D
CP02-70Step 8Francina M and Jean E
CP02-71Step 9Rob R and Walston B
CP02-72Step 10Pam R and Tiik P
CP02-73Step 11Frank K and Todd S
CP02-74Step 12Sandra H
CP02-75Beach Meeting SpeakerSaladin
CP02-76Sunrise MeetingLisa Y and Jimmy F
CP02-77Jazz Brunch SpeakerMr Bill
CP02-78Friday Main SpeakerJoan
CP02-79Saturday Night Main SpeakerOusmane D
CP02-80Final Speaker MeetingKermit

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