2001 – CPRCNA 15

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“Simplicity is the Key”

April 20-22, 2001
Ocean City, Maryland
CP01-01Welcome MeetingOpen Mike
CP01-02What Can I Do?Candie H. & Russell M.
CP01-03Recovering From Deep Rooted IssuesBeverly & Carl P.
CP01-04What is the NA ProgramScott T & Dennis J.
CP01-05Doing the Same Thing Expecting Different ResultsDee Dee & Jeff G.
CP01-07Just For TodayRobert & Mike W
CP01-08Staying Clean & Gaining A ConscienceJerry J. & Charles G.
CP01-09Recovery 5 to 9Anthony & Judith
CP01-10Who Is An Addict?Helene Q. & Wilson R.
CP01-11Getting Outside HelpDelphine D. & Geno
CP01-12Today’s NewcomerLashaun & Ron
CP01-13The Service StructureLeah H. & Frankie S.
CP01-14Illness In Recovery Bill T.
CP01-15Friday Opening SpeakerPatrice A. – South Carolina
CP01-16Recovering Outside the RoomsRichardean F. & William T.
CP01-17We Can’t Help You If We Can’t Hear YouWyleed & Gregory A.
CP01-18Sexo Amor y RecuperacionSpanish Speakers
CP01-19Like Yourself and Others Will TooShirley & Debbie R.
CP01-20H&I WorkshopErnest J.
CP01-21Recovery & RelapseWendy O. & Tony L.
CP01-22Switching AddictionsMichelle & Louis J.
CP01-23Is My Disease Still Listening? Bernard N. & Mitiz G.
CP01-24Sponsors Friend or Foe?Nikki D. & Ulysses
CP01-25Saturday Sunrise MeetingCharles – DC
CP01-26NA History Fawn
CP01-27Literature Workshop
CP01-28Is Being Clean Enough?Bobby J. & Thomas
CP01-29PI & Phoneline WorkshopAnne H.
CP01-30Ahora Como Me Mantengo Limpo?Roberto J.
CP01-31Step 1 & Tradition 1Butch A. & Lyvette W.
CP01-32Change Or DieCassandra & Leon G.
CP01-33Parenting In RecoveryAlfreda S. & Mozell B.
CP01-34The Importance of Going to MeetingsJackie T. & Ronnie S.
CP01-35Grown But Not Grown UpHosa & Henry
CP01-36Giving Time Some TimeDesiree M. & Farrahan
CP01-37Our Problem Centers in the MindMike C. & Courtney
CP01-38Step 2 & Tradition 2Cedric & Larry
CP01-40No Addict Need Ever DieDarryl
CP01-41Mid-Day Regional SpeakerBen C. – C&P Region
CP01-42The Ties that Bind Us TogetherMichael M. & Denise
CP01-43Anything I Place Before God Will Be RemovedKaren H. & Mike J.
CP01-44Haciendo Lo Mismo y Esperar Resultados DiferentesAntony B.
CP01-45Why Are We Here?James R. & Charlene
CP01-46The Results of PrayerNash G. & Lewis S.
CP01-47Step 4 & Tradition 4Albert G. & Anthony G.
CP01-48Searching For Love In All the Wrong PlacesSaladin J. & Cathy F.
CP01-49Recovery 10 and OverSheila & Willie W.
CP01-50N.U.T.S Not Using the StepsMarcy & Varis
CP01-51Watch What You Pray For You Might Get ItHerbie & Kalil
CP01-52Being Committed To NAReggie B. & Claudia
CP01-53Mistaking My Will For God’s WillThadaius & Sara
CP01-54Step 5 & Tradition 5Brian & Mark
CP01-55Step 6 & Tradition 6Cathy M. & Jimmy B.
CP01-56Diversity Is Our StrengthTina R. & Hamilton R.
CP01-57Progress Rather Than PerfectionBeverly L. & Dwayne
CP01-58The Meeting Before & After the MeetingJanice & Lionel
CP01-59Many Symptoms One DiseaseAndre T. & Denise O.
CP01-60Filling the Void with a Higher PowerHadiyah & Edwina
CP01-61Porque Trabajar los PasosRoberto B.
CP01-62Step 7 & Tradition 7Johnny G. & Rhoda N.
CP01-63Step 8 & Tradition 8 Wayne & Lynn
CP01-64Being Comfortable in My Own SkinSalams & Jamila
CP01-65Finding A BalanceButch J. & Sandra
CP01-66Nothing is Out of OrderLisa & Frankie L.
CP01-67Start By Forgiving SelfAngela J. & Gigi
CP01-68Am I Still Trusting When There is a Storm?Paul & Sharon
CP01-69Laughter In RecoveryGary M. & Kris M.
CP01-70Step 9 & Tradition 9Lester & Al C.
CP01-71Step 10 & Tradition 10Ron G. & Eric G.
CP01-72Saturday Banquet SpeakerKen H. – Cleveland OH
CP01-73Hurt People Hurt PeopleJoan H. & Frankie S.
CP01-74Building Positive RelationshipsTonya D.
CP01-75“NO” Is A Complete SentenceHoney W. & Frank K.
CP01-76The 3 Indispensibles H.O.W.Cassie & Carl
CP01-77Tres Cosas IndispensiblesCalixto A.
CP01-78Step 11 & Tradition 11Arsonia P. & Shirley H.
CP01-79SurrenderJewell & Scott P.
CP01-80Step 12 & Tradition 12Robert & Charles M.
CP01-81Sunday Sunrise MeetingSheila
CP01-83Have We Confused Our Wants & Needs?Jeanette & Renee B.
CP01-84When Faith Is MissingEarl & Eric J.
CP01-85Sunday Spiritual SpeakerShaida – Philadelphia PA

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