1998 – CPRCNA 12

Logo for CPRCNA 12, "Spiritually Refreshed and Glad to be Alive, held in Ocean City, MD, March 1998

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“Spiritually Refreshed and Glad to be Alive”

March 27-29, 1998
Ocean City, Maryland
CP98-01Why Are We Here?Kerry L. and Carey F.
CP98-02Living the ProgramLinda and Jeffrey
CP98-03Triangle of Self- ObsessionMichael and William
CP98-04IntimacyMarvin and Teddie A
CP98-05Why Keep Coming Back?Susan and Martin
CP98-06Freedom From Active Addictionexcerpt
CP98-07Freedom / Purity of PurposeSarah and Mark
CP98-08Social Acceptibility Does Not Equal RecoveryRenee and Dwight
CP98-09Fun and FellowshipTrudy and Jeff
CP98-11Friday Night Speaker Betsy A NORVANABetsy A.
CP98-12Spirituality – An Inside JobMike R. and Rita
CP98-13Service Work – How and Why?Joan H. and Larry R.
CP98-14Unity Vs. PrejudiceMartin C. and Eli
CP98-15Gifts of the ProgramBrett and Jamie W
CP98-16Grief in RecoveryHoney and Mike
CP98-17Saturday Sunrise MeetingFrank K.
CP98-18Spiritually Refreshed � And Glad to Be AliveLeroy and Peggy
CP98-19What Can I Do?Eddie P. and Wanda C.
CP98-20Rhonda C. Baltimore MDRhonda C.
CP98-21Changing BehaviorJoanne S. and Nate J.
CP98-22One Disease, One ProgramPatty and Chris K.
CP98-23Meeting EqiquetteSam and Lee Ann
CP98-24Benefits of A HomegroupWilfred and Jim
CP98-25Step 2Candy H. and Nickolas M.
CP98-26Parenting In RecoverySteve D. Pbgh and Janice D.C.
CP98-27Unity / Process / BelongingStan and Leah H.
CP98-28Recovery and RelapseJennifer R.
CP98-29SponsorshipPaul E. and Dawn
CP98-30Unidad / Spanish MeetingTony
CP98-31Step 3Shirley
CP98-32Steps 4 & 5Joanie and Frank Norvana
CP98-33Achieving Serenity In RecoveryJudy and Nate
CP98-34Step 10Mike – Sterling Va and Angie
CP98-35RelationshipsAudrey S. and Bill B.
CP98-36Steps 6 & 7Chris and John
CP98-37I’m Clean, Now What?Margie B. and Tom M.
CP98-38Surviving EmotionsKaren and Joel
CP98-39Youth in RecoveryMissy and Jason
CP98-40HumilityJim and Sharon
CP98-41Self – AcceptanceDenise R. and Eric O.
CP98-42Steps 8 & 9Karen A. and Mitch
CP98-43We Do RecoverLynn and Rick
CP98-44Maintaining Freedom / ResponsibilityShemus M. and Denise
CP98-45History of NAKermit O.
CP98-46Service and Accountability Elaine and Louie
CP98-47Saturday Night SpeakerGreg P.
CP98-48Outside Issues / PrinciplesKaren and Andy
CP98-49Step 11Joe and Linda
CP98-50God Centered vs. Self CenteredPhillip and Glenda
CP98-51Sick As Our SecretsWayne and Valerie
CP98-52Sunday Sunrise MeetingMike
CP98-53Combatting ComplacencyChairperson
CP98-55Vito L. South CarolinaVito L.

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