Updating Our Meetings in the NAWS Database


The regional PR committee has recently updated our meetings in the NAWS database but there are several meetings in their database that are not on our meeting list and NAWS has asked us to to verify whether or not these meetings still exist. If you can confirm that any of the meetings below are defunct or still meeting please email us at webservant@cprna.org. Thanks for your help and spread the word!


Name Day Time Place Address City/State
War is Over Group Tuesday 1900 Walter Reed Army Medical Center 6900 Georgia Avenue NW Washington, DC
Bondage Breakers Group Saturday 1200 Paramount Baptist Church 3924 4th Street Southeast Washington, DC
Poplar Hill Group Friday 1945 Poplar Hill Pre-Release 24090 Nanticoke Road Quantico, MD
One Promise, Many Gifts Group Tuesday 1900 Saint John’s CME 2801 Stanton Road Southeast Washington, DC
Come Clean to Stay Clean Group Saturday 1600 Saint John’s CME 2801 Stanton Road Southeast Washington, DC
Free Indeed Group Tuesday 1900 Bethel Christian Church 2217 Minnesota Ave. SE Washington, DC
Friends of Hope Group Thursday 1930 Saint John Vianney Catholic Church 105 Vianney Lane Prince Frederick, MD
Door’s Always Open Group Saturday 1900 Warrenton Meeting Place 26 South Third Street Warrenton, VA
The Courage to Change Group Friday 1900 McCready Memorial Health 201 Hall Highway Crisfield, MD
Heaven Sent Group Thursday 1900 US Vets 152 Wayne Place Southeast Washington, DC
Highland Group Tuesday 1830 Highland Community Center 662 Atlantic Street SE Washington, DC