Online Meeting List

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, many of our meetings have opted to hold their meetings virtually online and/or on the phone. CLICK HERE FOR THE LATEST UPDATES

Washington, DC, 20001Saturday Morning Relief7:00 AMSaturdayMetro Community Church, 474 Ridge Street NWO
Washington, DC, 20002Better Way9:00 AMSaturdaySt Martin's Church, 1908 N Capitol St NWO,WC ♿
Washington, DC, 20005I Can't We Can11:00 AMSaturdayLuther Place Memorial Church, 1226 Vermont Avenue NWO
Washington, DC, 20018Women's Rap11:30 AMSaturdayBrentwood Rec Center, 2311 14th Street NEW
Washington, DC, 20032Mens Rap11:30 AMSaturdayUnited Medical Center, 1310 Southern Avenue SE ((Basement Auditorium))O,WC ♿
Washington, DCMount Olivet RecoveryNoonSaturday1306 Vermont Ave NWO,WC ♿
DC, 20002Women's Step and TraditionsNoonSaturdaySt. Martin's Church, 1912 N Capitol St NWC,STEP,TRAD,W
Washington, DC, 20036Mood & Mind3:00 PMSaturdayTriangle Club, 2030 P Street NWO,ME,LIT
Washington, DC, 2000211th Step Meeting6:00 PMSaturdaySt Martin's Church, 1908 N Capitol St NWO
Washington, DC, 20009Uptown6:00 PMSaturdayTwelfth Street Christian Church, 1812 12th Street NWO
Washington, DC, 20001818 Miracles7:00 PMSaturdaySt Pauls Christian Community Church, 414 Tennessee Ave NEO,STEP,TRAD,WC ♿
Washington, DC, 20001Illness In Recovery7:00 PMSaturdayHoward University Hospital, 2041 Georgia Avenue NW ((Rm 5E-17))O,WC ♿
Washington, DC, 20005Hope Fiends7:30 PMSaturdayLuther Place Memorial Church, 1226 Vermont Ave NW ((at N Street, in library))O,CAN
Washington, DC, 20002Gift of Life8:00 PMSaturdaySt. Martin's Church, 1908 N Capitol St NWO
Washington, DC, 20016Beachcomber's Electric Coffee Test8:05 PMSaturdaySt Alban's Church, 3001 Wisconsin Ave NW ((Saterlee Hall 6th Grade Room))C,BEG,DISC,WC ♿

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